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glablue_2016-photoHello everyone, I’m Gary, over the past five years I’ve began to experience aches and pains due to years of hard manual labor. My career path in the oil and gas industry for 46 years and being 63 years of age my body has began to show it. The primary reason for creating this website is to have discussions about the usefulness of Natural and Holistic Methods, Exercises, and incorporate Ergonomic Changes to relieve joint and back pain. The use of Pharmaceutical (Narcotic) solutions are in some instances warranted. My ultimate goal is that through this venue we can share our ideas and experiences with each other to live a pain free life.

So now to me and my journey / experiences of dealing with pain,

My reality of experiencing real pain came from excruciating neck pain, mid-back, and right shoulder. My Family Physician of 40 years prescribed steroid injections, muscle relaxers and opioid pain medicine. After 30 days of this routine my condition had not improved much. We then took the MRI approach of my entire spine. I was diagnosed with bulging disc C-2 through C-4. To make it short, I went through Pain Management ‘Pain Block’ Injections, 3 sessions, some relief for about 18 hours each time, another MRI with dye revealed that a nerve ending in my neck was touching one of the bulging disc. Ultimately I had the nerve ending cauterized and so far the severe neck pain diminished. This technique is called Radiofrequency Ablation. But through all this I was taking narcotic pain pills that basically paralyzed my stomach. This caused severe constipation. To overcome these issues my Gastrointestinal Doctor prescribed a special compounded drug to stimulate the stomach to work in conjunction with Mira-Lax taken one (1) hour before evening meals. This regimen has worked on the gastrointestinal issue. Two weeks ago I received notice from my compounding pharmacy that the FDA has ordered all US Compounding Pharmacies to stop producing this drug. The young lady that informed me stated that there were two countries I could purchase this drug from (mail order), Canada and Australia. Don’t you just love the US Government FDA.

My primary physician and I had heart to heart discussions about the root cause of my back and joint pain. One common denominator was ‘Inflammation’. I worked with a lady of India nationality and the topic of dealing with pain came up. She told me that the reason people from India do not experience back and joint pain as a rule is due to their diet. One of the main ingredients in their diets is Turmeric. Turmeric is one ingredient used in preparation of Indian curries. Turmeric is available as a dietary supplement and is a product sold in most grocery stores, pharmacies, CNC outlets, and online. I’ve taken Turmeric for 3 years now. My Plantar Fasciitis is completely gone, my mid back and shoulders do not hurt nearly as bad, pain is manageable. I take 1,000 mg capsule twice per day (1 morning and 1 evening). My gastrointestinal doctor recommended that I also take Vitamin C, Vitamin B Complex, Vitamin D, and Flaxseed Oil.

** Consult your doctor before taking anything new to be certain that there’s no potential reactions with any other medications before doing so. ** 

My wife and I for the past 10 years have taken on four rescue horses, one rescue dog and one rescue donkey on our ranch. Needless to say I get my share of exercise managing the daily routine of feeding and caring for these animals. Exercise is a very important part of keeping fit which in turn assist in reduction of pain as long as you don’t over do it. Through the process of managing my joint and back pain I’ve gone through physical therapy. I’ve learned the exercises used by physical therapist must also be incorporated in to your daily regimen.

Would you please join me in sharing you own experiences, examples, and recommendations.

Thank you very much for your time and for dropping by,

Best Regards,


Founder of Joint and Back Pain Relief

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