1. My dad’s been dealing with chronic lower back pain. Most of the time he’s alright but once in awhile he gets sharp pain that practically paralyzes him and he needs to be bed ridden for a few days.

    He went to several doctors but they couldn’t figure out where the problem was. In the end he tried some Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and it seems like it’s getting better. He does use this suction sort of thing on his back to promote circulation.

    I’ll pass this info to him to see if the pain can be relived. Thanks for this post!

    • admin

      Andy thank you for your review of my post. I do hope that your Dad gets some relief soon. I’ll make one suggestion have your Dad look into acupuncture, go to my website and read the article about acupuncture. He may find some much needed relief. The US Military is utilizing acupuncture on the men and women in uniform for nearly every pain imaginable. I’ve used acupuncture and I can truthfully say if you locate a licensed acupuncturist it does work.
      Best Wishes to you and your Dad.

  2. Tasleem


    I actually have chronic back pain and after reading your post, I feel like I have it all wrong. I barely sleep, I am always working on the laptop…quite unhealthy. Thanks for sharing.

  3. great article. It looks like you covered all the bases. I particularly like the paragraph with you wife. My wife was and still is going through pain with a car accident that caused issues in her lower back and she went through main painstaking procedures to help her to almost no avail. I helped as much as I could and always will. What you did not mention is the mental anguish these conditions cause which is a big factor in some cases. I am sorry for your pain and wish you the best.

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